The Here We Grow story…supporting local YYC food producers

This lil’ business began to support YYC local food producers and sourcers. We are a small group of Calgarians passionate about making high quality local food available to consumers directly. If you read on the About Us page, founder Rosanna was pretty frustrated when in lockdown in March 2020 that the only stores open for shopping were Superstore and Walmart; they were out of most things she needed, and the delivery time was 10-14 days out.

Mainly we were frustrated that we couldn’t support local businesses. Many of our friends and family are local business owners or restaurant owners. We had to watch them use up their savings to wait out the pandemic.

Support local YYC food with Here We Grow vendors.
Support local YYC food – Here is a lemon spinach ricotta pasta made by one of our happy customers!

There wasn’t much we could do about small businesses that weren’t able to stay open because they were gyms or dojos. But for those businesses that can provide online or curb-side service, we feel it is our duty to support them. Especially critical businesses that keep our direct connection to local YYC food open. There is no reason we should keep buying products and food from far away if we can make it locally.

We’re excited to see that a lot of people agree! We’re very proud to be a small part of the growing grass roots movement to support local food and businesses. In a time of crisis, as we’ve learned during this pandemic, life gets terrible quickly if people don’t have access to food and critical services. We are doing our part to connect Calgarians and people in the surrounding area to local producers and sourcers of food. If you have a business you’d like to add to our network, please contact us right away and we’ll get on it!