Why shop local Calgary food and growers, producers and sourcers of food?
1) To support local businesses that grow, produce and source food.
2) To get you the best quality at the best price.

Here We Grow was founded to help consumers shop for the high quality food that is grown or made near home.
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– Featured is our best-seller, bocconcini!

Please review our other products by scrolling down. If you are a local business and you’d like to be carried in our store, or if you have ideas and suggestions for the Here We Grow catalog, please contact us.

Shop local Calgary cheese --here is a cheese platter made entirely from Franco's bulk-sized cheese offerings.
Shop local Calgary cheese made with milk from local farms. Many kinds of cheese! All excellent quality and taste and less expensive than Costco or Superstore. Thanks to our customer Lora for this lovely foodie pic!