Share, freeze, eat!

Uh, what do I with so much cheese? If yours is like my household, that question takes care of itself. One pail of bocconcini or fior di latte lasts the three of us three weeks, but usually less since I will share with my family. Less packaging this way, too!

We eat it for snacks as-is, slice for sandwiches, melt on pizza, use in baked pasta & vegetable dishes, and more. Plus it also vacuum packs well to freeze, and thawed fresh mozzarella is best used in baked dishes. It also makes a decadent gift to share with neighbours and friends.

Other tips:

  • Dry cheese like grated parmesan is easy to freeze.
  • 5lb blocks of cheese keep well in the fridge.
  • Once opened, cut off what you think you’ll use soon, say half the block, and vacuum seal the rest for future use.
Fior di Latte, a giant ball of fresh mozzarella
Fior di Latte, a giant ball of fresh mozzarella