Ricotta Cheese


YYC Ricotta Cheese is made fresh daily from 100% local Alberta milk. It is excellent in sweet and savory dishes, and as a snack.

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Our YYC ricotta cheese comes in a 500g tub. And we sell it in bulk to save money (6 or 12).

Ricotta cheese is a a white and creamy, soft Italian cheese. It’s with a long history on the Italian peninsula dating back to the Bronze Age. Just like with feta, archaeologists have found special pots for making and transporting ricotta cheese.

Why our YYC Ricotta Cheese

Our ricotta is made from 100% local Alberta milk. It has a mild, slightly sweet taste. The texture is creamy and rich. It has none of the grittiness of other ricotta cheese brands you can find in Calgary stores. When you taste our cheese, you will instantly understand the high quality difference.

Roasted beet salad with YYC ricotta cheese
Roasted beet salad with YYC ricotta cheese

Ricotta is a refrigerator staple. It is a very versatile fresh cheese, low in fat and high in flavor. You use it in dishes both sweet and savory! Ricotta makes a quick, easy nutritious snack served on bread. Put on a tomato first and call it bruschetta. It is also used sweets like cookies and cheesecakes, too. Of course ricotta is very popular for savory dishes like gnocchi, ravioli, lasagna and more.

For baked dishes, full fat ricotta gets you the best results; there is no chalkiness or grittiness.

Ricotta pairs well with parmesan, a contrast for a salty tangy topping. And for a lasagna, incorporate some mozzarella to get that stretchy texture you know and love.  Never made a lasagna? It’s not too hard; here’s an easy recipe for lasagna…

Ricotta makes an excellent base for creamy stovetop sauce too. While boiling any 1lb of pasta, you can quickly make this sauce. Mince garlic into olive oil in a frying pan; sautee at low heat. Add 1/2 cup milk and 1 cup ricotta. Stir at low heat until blended. Add thawed or fresh spinach, salt and pepper to taste, and pour over your pasta. Voila!

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1 x 500g, 6 x 500g, 12 x 500g (1 case)