Provolone Cheese

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Our YYC provolone cheese comes from the Alberta Cheese factory in the south east of Calgary. We call it YYC Provolone because…it’s is Calgary’s only provolone cheese. Here We Grow sells it in a 5 lb (2.25kg) block. You can’t buy this cheese in bulk at Costco or Superstore. In fact, our prices are less than half of what you’ll pay for this cheese off the shelf in store.

What is Provolone cheese? It is an aged, semi-hard southern Italian cheese. Like mozzarella, it’s also made using the pasta filata (stretched curd) method.

YYC Provolone Cheese
Fried YYC Provolone Cheese with Italian Salsa – see below for recipe.

Provolone cheese comes from Casilli near Vesuvius. Provolone means “large provola.” In fact, Provolone, Provola and Provoleta are versions of the same cheese. A full-fat cow milk cheese, it has a stronger taste and is a bit drier than mozzarella. But, it still has a smooth, creamy texture and is still mild.

It is perfect for sandwiches. And it’s now widely popular in panini or Italian-style sandwiches. YYC provolone is a staple of cheese trays, pasta dishes and appetizers. Baked dishes, no problem; it is not as stretchy as mozzarella when baked. It also pairs well with a Parmesan topping.

Here’s a very easy and fast recipe for Chicken Provolone. It’s a guaranteed supper hit that’s fast to make, tasty, and nutritious.

A little more about provolone…

There’s two kinds of provolone. Our YYC provolone is Provolone Dolce or sweet. That’s why it’s a mild cheese with creamy flavor. Provolone Piccante is pungent because you make it with goat rennet. The piccante variety gets aged longer, up to a year. It’s als

Italian-style panini with YYC provolone cheese

o dry and sharp. Both cheeses can be smoked, which gives you a mild smoky flavor. Ours is not smoked.

Did you know? Provolone  makes many shapes – cones, pears, tubes, and even torpedoes. Provolones come little and big, since they is semi-firm. In fact, some provolones have been weighed at 200+ pounds!

Above you see Guy Fieri’s recipe for Fried Provolone with Italian Salsa. It tastes just as amazing at it looks. It’s not hard to make. Check out the  recipe here.