Mozzarella Cheese



Our YYC mozzarella cheese comes in 5lb (2.27kg) blocks.

Mozzarella cheese has a smooth texture and milky, mild taste. It is perfect for melts, pizza, pasta dishes, snacks and more. Our YYC mozzarella cheese is partially aged. To try fresh mozzarella (unaged, unsalted), please click here to look at our bocconcini. Both cheeses are awesome Calgary products and will disappear from your fridge in no time.

Why Choose YYC Mozzarella Cheese

Our mozzarella is about the same price as the bulk no-name block from the Superstore. But the quality is much, much higher! The cheese is not sticky and stays long in the fridge once opened. It’s much easier to grate and also to digest. The flavor is natural, light and creamy. The difference is clear from texture and taste, for sure. For the same price, you get a much better local product. At Costco, you can’t buy a block of mozzarella this size, so ours is a much better price than you can get from Costco.

YYC Mozarella Cheese on a homemade Italian-style pizza
YYC Mozarella Cheese on a homemade Italian-style pizza

All About Mozzarella

Mozzarella shows up in writings as far back as the middle ages. This cheese comes from southern Italy. It used to be made from the milk of the domesticated water buffalo. But now the aged low-moisture content mozzarella we commonly use in pizza and lasagna is made from cow milk. Our mozzarella cheese is 100% Alberta cow milk. What the heck is the pasta filata method of cheese making? For more information, read here! 

Whether fresh and soft like in bocconcini and fior di latte, or a little aged and semi-soft as in our pizza-style mozzarella, it is a traditional and popular Italian cheese.

Did you know…

Water buffalo milk has twice as much fat as cow’s milk, and more protein too. Basically almost double the solid content. It’s got more of the good fats like oleic acid. Working with one tonne of water buffalo milk makes about 24 kg of mozzarella. With that much cow milk, you only get 13 kg of mozzarella.

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Full Fat, Part Skim