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YYC cheddar cheese? Yes. Calgary makes an excellent cheddar cheese that we sell in bulk sizes here. We’ve got mild, medium, marble and old white varieties of cheddar. We sell it in a 5lb (2.27kg) block.

Why our YYC Cheddar Cheese?

YYC Cheddar Cheese in a Cobb Salad
YYC Cheddar Cheese in a Cobb Salad

You can’t buy cheese at Costco in these sizes. We sell ours at about the same price as the no-name brand Superstore cheese. However, ours is always in stock! In case you’d noticed, since COVID lockdown, Superstore has not always carried the bulk sizes of cheese, especially mozzarella. And, the quality of the cheese is simply without compare. None of our cheddars is sticky. They are all easy to cut. They store in the fridge longer than Superstore’s no-name brand also. (In our experience, the Superstore blocks go moldy faster in the fridge unless vacuum packed). Also, the taste of Here We Grow’s YYC cheddar cheese is far superior to the no name brand.

All About Cheddar

Cheddar cheese has been the second-most popular cheese n the world for more than 70 years. The most popular cheese on the planet is mozzarella. That is probably owing to the North American pizza industry! Cheddar comes from the Somerset region of England. It came to America in the 1800s. Since then, it is a staple of any cheese-eating household.

When mild, cheddar cheese has a mellow flavor and smooth texture. When aged, it has a sharp and earthy flavor and is a little crumbly in texture. The more it ages the more flavor and crumble it has. For more about our YYC cheese factory, please read here about our suppliers.  Want to learn more about cheddar cheese? Read here!

What’s the difference between mild, medium, marble and old white cheddar cheese? Mild cheddar is a fresher cheese, medium is aged a bit more, and old white is our most aged variety. Marble cheddar is a mix of white and yellow cheddar (there is no mozzarella), with the same smooth texture as medium cheddar. All varieties are perfect for an everyday cheese in melts, sandwiches, trays and snacks. Old white gives you the best flavor for home-made mac ‘n cheese.

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Mild, Medium, Old White, Marble

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