Bocconcini & Fior di Latte



Bocconcini (Fior di Latte)
Regular sized bocconcini sliced and used in a simple, fresh salad with arugula and pine nuts.

Our YYC bocconcini are creamy, fresh (unaged) balls of mozzarella. We sell them in a 2.27 kg pail made daily from Alberta milk. If you like fresh cheese, these are a delicious and addictive staple. Bocconcini and fior di latte come packaged in liquid (whey) which keeps them moist.

Here is a fresh pizza topped with sliced Fior di Latte.

Bocconcini have a buttery sweet, delicate, creamy flavor and texture and absorb flavor. This fresh cheese is super versatile. Great in antipasti, salads, as topping on pizzas and in all grilled/baked dishes. They also make a nutritious, instant & filling snack for kids and adults alike.

Regular bocconcini are egg-sized (2.5″ in diameter); 67g each; each pail has about 38 bocconcini.

YYC Bocconcini Sizes

The bocconcini come in three sizes. They are all awesome.

  1. Cherry bocconcini are the mini version. Like the name says, about cherry-sized. Perfect for snacks, uncut in salads, lunch-boxes.  About 1.25″ diameter, 67g each, 240 per 2.27 kg pail.
  2.  Regular  bocconcini are about egg-sized. Perfect right out of the pail for a bigger snack or cut for salads and grilled /baked meals & snacks. About 2.5″ diameter, 67 g each, and 38 per 2.27 kg pail.
  3. Fior di Latte are large, gorgeous balls of fresh cheese, about the size of two small fists. Often served sliced in salads, like caprese salad or to top pizza, and in grilled and baked dishes. About 4.5″ diameter, 285 g each, and 9 per 2.27ckg pail.
Cherry Bocconcini
Cherry Bocconcini – 1.25″ mouthfuls; 10g each and lots, about 240 bocconcini per pail.

All about fresh mozzarella: bocconcini & fior di latte:

The word “bocconcini” means “small mouthfuls” in Italian. Bocconcini originated in Napoli, Italy. They are fresh, soft balls of unaged mozzarella made from cow’s milk.

Fior di Latte - flower of milk

Fior di Latte (flower of milk); are about 2 small fists big or 4.5″ diameter. About 285 each and 9 balls come in each pail.Bocconcini and fior di latte are made with the pasta filata method; that’s when you dip curds into hot whey, then stretching, kneading and pulling into shape. They pair well with dry white wines like Sauvignon and also heavy red wines like Merlot.  Top any pizza you make with fior di latte with a sprinkle of our Parmesan! And here’s a recipe for how to serve bocconcini in a tri-colore salad that matches the Italian flag colours of red, white & green!

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