Free Run Eggs

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Free Run Eggs Fried
A quick and very nutritious breakfast with Nature’s Farm Free Run Smart Eggs

Free run eggs and we sell by the flat (2.5 dozen or 30 eggs). We are the only Calgary seller of this very high quality egg from Nature’s Farm. The hens don’t have any antibiotics and live in a family-run aviary built in the Swiss style. That means the hens get lots of nesting space to create these amazing free run eggs. Also, they have easy access to all the fun things hens need – places for scratching, dustbathing roosting and perching.

Key Notes

  • The eggs have white shells. All the yolks are dark orange.
  • 1 flat is 2.5 dozen or 30 eggs.

What do hens eat to make to make the yolk of these free run eggs so orange?

These eggs are very flavorful and rich because of the multi-grain diet. There is corn, wheat, oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, and dried herbs. No animal products  or by-products in the hens’ diet.

Nor is there any synthetic yolk color ingredient to make the dark orange yolk; that’s all natural from the feed. So is the high Omega 3 ranking. This egg also provides more lutein than regular eggs.

We were really taken with this egg because of the superb quality and affordability. When you taste it you will understand.

Nutrition Facts
Nutrition facts of our free run eggs

What’s good about Omega 3?

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (what we get from, eg, cod liver oil gel capsules) are very important for our diet. They help lower blood triglyceride levels. They are thought to help reduce heart disease. Yet we usually don’t get enough of these. Even though they are very important for healthy brain functioning. Also for normal growth and development. What’s Lutein? That’s an antioxidant. It’s helpful because it helps promote healthy eyes and skin.

What goes great with eggs?

Why not mix with some provolone for an excellent omelette? Check out this recipe for a Florentine Omelet…using provolone instead for a truly Italian taste.


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