Monterey Jack Cheese

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Our Calgary Monterey Jack cheese comes in a 5 lb block (2.25kg).  This cheese is a mild, semi-hard cheese with a smooth texture and creamy, sweet taste. It gets aged up to 6 months.

Calgary Monterey Jack cheese
Calgary Monterey Jack cheese

In the 1700s, Franciscan monks in Monterey were making this cheese. That’s a California beach town just south of San Francisco. A California businessman named David Jacks commercialized their cheese. You see, that’s how it became known as “Jack’s Cheese”.

Why Calgary Monterey Jack Cheese?

Monterey Jack cheese is an American and Canadian favorite for melting. It’s often used on melts, burgers, California-Mexican dishes like nachos, enchiladas, and burritos. This cheese happens to be our kids’ favorite of the cheese in this store.  So we go through it pretty quickly!

Looking for some good recipes that are quick and simple with this cheese? Click here. Our YYC provolone goes well with Monterey Jack. That’s because these cheeses blend well in melts and pasta dishes and give good variety in texture. It’s a nice mix of cheeses if you like to blend your cheese in grating for baked dishes and on top of pizza. No, it’s not stretchy like mozzarella when it’s melted. That’s because of the higher fat and moisture content, also.

Did you know sometimes Monterey Jack is partnered with Colby cheese to make Colby Jack? And also with cheddar cheese to make Cheddar Jack. This partnering in the cheese world is called “marbling.”  The most common alternative for Jack cheese is to pair it with pepper – either chilis, Jalapeno or white pepper, for example. If Monterey Jack is aged, then it’s called a Dry Jack. The many varieties of Monterey Jack all melt very well in baked and grilled dishes.