Our Calgary feta cheese comes in a 3kg pail. It is made from 100% local Southern Alberta cow milk. In case you don’t know feta cheese, it is soft, crumbly, salty and tangy.

Traditionally, it comes from Greece. It was and is still made from sheep or goat milk. Then it’s aged in brine. That’s why feta has a salty, tangy flavor and can be mild or sharp. Feta has a long history in the Mediterranean. You see, there’s evidence of pottery for storing and transporting feta as old as the Bronze Age. In the EU, Feta is a protected designation with a certain requirement of goat and sheep milk. Here in Calgary, since we’ve got lots of cows, we make this salty brined cheese from cow milk. Moo. It has the same tangy, crumbly texture you know and love.

Calgary Feta Cheese
Calgary Feta Cheese in this roasted quinoa feta salad!

What to do with Calgary Feta Cheese?

It has many uses and is a staple of any refrigerator. Commonly used in Greek salad and other traditional Greek dishes like spanakopita, it is perfect for many salads, a topping on pizza, roasted vegetables, sandwiches, omelettes, pies & galettes, and can be served grilled also or on a cheese tray with olives, olive oil and herbs like oregano.

Here’s a link to a great recipe for a one-pot baked Macaroni & Feta. This recipe also calls for some Parmesan cheese; check it out.

Some studies have shown that feta has higher calcium and phosphorus levels, as well as OLA (good fatty acid) that other cheeses, and it’s lower in fat. The phosphorus is an important mineral to keep bone health and prevent osteoperosis. That’s why it’s seen as the “healthier” cheese. However, it is also very salty so everything in moderation! In salads where you sprinkle feta or cube it, you can skip the salt in your dressing.

Feta traditionally pairs with spinach, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes. But you’re not limited to that! Sprinkle on your breakfast burrito or nighttime snack instead of cheddar. Feta is a good substitute for the Mexican Queso Fresco.