Bridgets Coconut Curry



We are proud to carry Bridgets Coconut Curry, (410mL) from the Calgary curry queen herself! As we can verify from our taste testing, this product is fabulous right from the jar. It is vegan; and both gluten & lactose free, but very rich.

Why try this awesome sauce?

Looking for more variety in your cooking, but maybe you don’t want to spend much money. Or shop for unusual ingredients. Or figure out a new recipe. Well, you have found the right sauce. You see, one jar makes a quick high quality meal for a family of 4-6. It is enough to flavor 1-2 pounds of meat plus vegetables. Plus you can dilute it with coconut milk if you like. It is not too spicy. The jar has very clear instructions for easy use. We can’t recommend it highly enough! It explodes with fresh, skillfully prepared flavor.

We are pleased to be able to offer this sauce at a good bulk price by the case of 12, or single jars. Each jar is 410 mL.

What’s in Bridgets Coconut Curry?

Made from fresh ingredients, every ingredient in this jar is actually real food and easy to understand! Peeled tomatoes, basil leaf, fresh onions, coconut milk, organic cold press canola oil, water, species, fresh garlic, sea salt, pure white vinegar.

Looking for some easy recipes to make quick suppers from this incredible sauce? Here’s some of Bridgets ideas…    But if that’s too much thinking for you, you can literally pile any meat and or veggies into a frying pan, add sauce, and serve it over steamed rice. Keep it vegan and use veggies only; you can saute them long enough for caramelization to add extra flavor. This sauce goes very well with prawns also, though.

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1, Case (12)