Here We Grow offers bulk purchase of free run and organic eggs. Eggs are a staple of most family’s diets. A high quality egg that is humanely and sustainably sourced is a must on any grocery list. They provide many vitamins, nutrients, and protein. Free run hens with good feed make excellent, flavourful eggs. But many people don’t want to spend even a few cents more per dozen on a humanely raised, more nutritious egg.

Good news! You don’t have to spend more to buy free run organic eggs

With our bulk options, you can buy the very best free run eggs on the market for the same price as a giant, low quality farm’s eggs.

Here We Grow is the only Alberta seller of Nature’s Farm eggs from Manitoba. You may be wondering why we are not selling local eggs. It was hard for us to find a truly certified free run egg as well as an organic egg from a southern Alberta farm that actually needed our help distributing their eggs.

The other reason is that we personally are quite particular about the quality of eggs. They must be free run, and / or organic, and have good living conditions and good food. We didn’t find any local farmers who produce enough eggs of this caliber that wanted our help to sell them.

We found that local eggs are very popular already, but through back-door channels. People may have access to these informally if they can buy eggs from a neighbor who keeps a few chickens, for example.

Many farmers say their chickens are free run and vegetarian fed, but we have no way of knowing for sure. We want to make sure we are bringing our customers access to the highest quality we can of any non-vegan products. That’s so you can feel secure eating the best you can. Also, it’s important to feel ethically responsible, in supporting the health and wellbeing of the hens.