Calgary cheese, you may be thinking? Can’t be. We don’t make cheese in YYC?! But wrong, there is excellent Calgary cheese! From where? It is made from fresh local southern Alberta milk right in a Calgary factory. The milk is delivered daily. All local ingredients. Even the mixed milk ingredients and enzymes.

Best quality Calgary cheese at the best prices

Buy Calgary cheese
Buy Calgary cheese, made right in YYC

To give you the best wholesale prices, we sell five pound blocks of cheese. We’ve got mild cheddar, medium cheddar, old white cheddar, marble cheddar, mozzarella and more. These cost about the same as no-name Superstore brand. That’s when the Superstore has the bulk size cheese in stock!

Costco usually doesn’t carry cheese in bulk size. So our prices for these common North American varieties is less than Costco.

But the taste and quality of the local cheese is much higher. That’s because it’s made by experts who are committed to high quality. Because they are a local producer, they are directly accountable to their vendors. In fact, our Calgary cheese is actually a staple of YYC restaurants and hotels.

Some of the cheese we sell is not available in store at all! The luxurious delicacy of larger egg-sized bocconcini and fior di latte are not on shelf at all or often. Costco does sell some egg-sized bocconcini once in a while. But the quality is much inferior since the cheese is not as fresh. They do not sell the fist-sized larger balls of fresh mozzarella called fior di latte. This means “flower of milk” in Italian. And you can’t get provolone in bulk anywhere else.

(Did you know provolone can be dried and used as a caccio di cavalle substitute?) That’s what my mom does when she can’t find this other southern Italian cheese.

All of our cheese is an excellent staple of any family’s fridge. It is a delicious snack on its own. Good cheese in your fridge helps your children be more independent at a younger age. They can more easily make their own nutritious, filling snacks. All with the best ingredients available.